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Thor: Ragnarok it’s trailer time

Gear up for the much awaited super hero movie of the year Thor: Ragnarok. The Marvel cinematic world has kept its super heroes busy. After the success of Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange Marvel is releasing Thor in the later part of this year.

The trailer of the movie has been released and buzzing around the social networks. As the hypes were too much for this film the trailer doesn’t disappoint. The trailer has a racy music and visuals. The trailer does pack a bunch of good moments, among all the fight between Thor and the Hulk is the highlight.

Yes! You heard me right. If you are a follower of Marvel updates you would know it already if not watch the trailer. The Hulk and Thor will be dueling in the movie against each other in a prison. It is going to be another exciting installment in Thor series.

Apart from Thor Marvel is working on many super hero projects. Avenger: The Infinity War is also expected next year.

Watch the trailer here


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