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“The Circle” sci-fi movie’s trailer is out

“The Circle” becomes the next much awaited sci-fi movie. The movie based on the novel written by Dave Eggers in the same name is expected to be released on 17th April, 2017. The movie stars Tom Hanks and Emma Watson in lead roles.

The Circle was one of the best sci-fi drama ever written. The story deals with the sensitivity of Social Media and our personal information being spread in it. The best seller has inspired many readers around the time of its release.

The story is about Mae Holland who gets a job in a large tech firm The Circle created by three genius techies headed by Eamon Bailey. Once she joins the firm she understood that something is wrong and too much personal info are being under threat. There are too many sinister people around. What happens next forms the exciting story. Mae Holland is being played by Emma Watson and Eamon Bailey by Tom Hanks.

The trailer has been released recently.


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