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Raees, a stylish Shah Rukh entertainer -Movie review

My mother taught me that any business is Good business and no religion is greater than any business. Whatever is good for business is right, whatever isn’t is wrong.

Plot Summary: It is the story about Raees Alam who runs an illegal businesses in Gujarat. Everything goes fine until ACP Majmudar intervenes. Majmudar is desperate in bringing Raees down, which Raees tackles with the help of political power. But soon Raees falls because of his own ego. What happens then forms the 142 minute entertainer.

Directer: Rahul Dholakia

Starring: Shah Rukh Khan, Mahira Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Music by: Ram Sampath

Distributed by: Red Chillies Entertainment

Run time: 142 minutes

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Goosebumps review: A must watch for Shah Rukh fans and a worthy watch for common movie goers. Goosebumps now and then. The intro of Shah Rukh and his acting in the climax will impress you.

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

Shah Rukh Khan as Raees rocks as usual. He lives as a don throughout the movie. The anger in his face, the romance that he showcases, the sentiment he experiences and the fights he undergoes shows he hasn’t aged at all. The style he carries as a don will bring whistles in the theaters for sure.

His dialogue delivery is perfect as ever. He impresses in every frame. One of the best roles Shah Rukh has done in his career. His lead pair Mahira Khan as Aasiya has little screen presence. But she has utilized it well. Be it the sentiment scenes or the romantic part she is a perfect addition. A little more of her screen presence wouldn’t have spoiled the movie.

As Shah Rukh, Nawazuddin Siddiqui does have a powerful role. He walks with pride as the ACP Majmudar. His acting was perfect and does what was needed for the role. I won’t say it’s his best ever, but he delivers what was needed.

Rahul Dholakia’s direction was excellent. He has handled both the character to the perfection. Whereas directing Shah Rukh or Nawazuddin, he has added the right blend. The recreation of the 90’s time frame was the top notch. The battery scenes are good add, Mahira is the only one spared for calling Shah Rukh the battery.

Cinematography by K.U.Mohana and the music by Ram Sampath are added colour. Sunny Leone sizzles as Laila.

Though the screenplay is good the story is way old one. There are few side-lines like messed up action sequences and a dragging second half. Director should have concentrated in trimming the second half.

It’s a must watch if you are a diehard Shah Rukh fan, but as a common movie goer few might find it boring in the second half.

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