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Promise Me a Million Times Goosebumps review

Promise Me a Million Times


“When we aren’t capable enough to defeat the afflictions of our friends, we must at least choose to not let them stand alone in its face. Okay, maybe it won’t lessen their pain, but it surely gives them that much needed help to survive. And that’s what the most important things really is. That’s what life really is.”

Those were the wonderful lines about friendship were written by Keshav Aneel. Promise Me a Million Times is a debut novel by Keshav Aneel. But, one won’t say it’s his debut I promise you. Recently I have seen many new authors emerging from the Indian Literature. It’s a healthy sign.

Promise Me a Million Times is a story about Charlie the protagonist and his friend Edward. The story starts off with Charlie and Edward’s friendship. The two friends believe life always changes and they wanted to change their lives so they move on to city from their village. Edward wanted to become an actor so his life runs after it. But for Charlie it is another place and another day of life. All his believes changes once he meets Aster, the female protagonist of the story. What happens to Edward? What happens to Charlie and Aster’s relationship? Are narrated brilliantly in the 180 pages novel.

The author should be appreciated for his effort and the narration. Even though it’s his debut novel it doesn’t fall anywhere. The story revolves around every aspect of life. Love, friendship, dreams, action, struggle, twists and thrills were executed brilliantly. Each and every character plays in your mind. Keshav’s story telling is simple and he has used simple language (Few words might add up to our vocabulary as well).

Each and every chapter is a stand out. Aster’s character is a master class. Her motivational dialogues and her actions will make the readers fall in love with her. Charlie and Aster has made a brilliant romantic sequence as well. The story might feel slow in the beginning, but once the actual plot picks up one cannot put the book down. Especially the last 80 or pages have interesting twists and thrills. On the whole it’s a must read for book lovers and motivation seekers.

Goosebumps review: Many characters will give you Goosebumps especially the climax.

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P.S: This review is purely my opinion, not to hurt anyone’s feelings. For suggestions and appreciations [email protected] or comment below. Thank you for reading my review.



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