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Post-truth declared word of the year


“Post-truth” declared the word of the year by Oxford dictionary. The word is defined as an adjective meaning “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief”. It’s been politically active year all over the world, especially because of US election.

According to Oxford Dictionary the usage of the word Post-truth has increased by 2000% in the current year. Social media has played a major role in deciding the word of the year. Previously it was Brexiteer which was leading this year’s word of the year list. Due to United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU the word Brexit become famous. Brexit is a short form of Britain’s exit from the EU.

The word Post-truth was first used by the late Serbian-American playwright Steve Tesich in an essay to the Nation magazine in the year 1992. “We, as a free people, have freely decided that we want to live in some post-truth world” was the sentence the word was present. He wrote about the Gulf war and the Iran-Contra scandal in the essay.od

“We first saw the frequency really spike this year in June with buzz over the Brexit vote and Donald Trump securing the Republican presidential nomination. Given that usage of the term hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down, I wouldn’t be surprised if post-truth becomes one of the defining words of our time,” explained Casper Grathwohl, President of Oxford Dictionary to an interview to “The Guardian”. The word has been already added to the

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