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Plant the confidence in women -Happy Women’s Day.

Women’s Day:We did not imagine that this ‘Women’s Day’ would inaugurate the revolution. Revolutionary actions were foreseen but without date. But in morning, despite the orders to the contrary, textile workers left their work in several factories and sent delegates to ask for support of the strike… which led to mass strike… all went out into the streets.” – Leon Trotsky


Happy Women’s Day to the famines all over the world. A day to honor the sacred gender of the nature’s gift. There is no word to describe a woman’s role in every one’s life. Be it a mother, a sister, a wife or a daughter, women are always special.

International Women’s Day is another day in many men’s calendar and even in few women’s as well. But the actual significance of the event is bigger than one would imagine. The history of women’s day goes back a century.

History of Women’s Day:

In the year 1908 on February 28 women from New York City marched throughout the city, demanding shorter work hour, right to vote and better pay. About 15000 women colored the march. The following year the same day saw another march from women this time with the support of the Socialist Party of America.

This continued till 1913 on every last Sunday of February. The same period saw women from Europe march for their rights as well. To make this a universal event March 8 was declared as the women’s day. But, many might wonder why March?

Women's Day


March 1917 was one of the significant months in world history. The women of Russia staged a march on March 1917 at Petrograd for equality and demands. This was the spark for the Russian revolution in 1917. Yes the march by women has given birth to one of the unforgettable event in the world history.

International Women’s Day is not celebrated just to give flowers and gifts to women. Instead it’s the day to ignite the confidence of a woman. They should be given equality and they should be treated with utmost care. Let us treat them with the equality they deserve and stop the cruelty against them.

Each and every woman should believe themselves that they have the potential to change the world. If their power can create a revolution and change the course of the history, why can’t they change their life? They can (You can).

Happy Women’s Day.


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