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Our Story Ends Here, love stories are eternal – Book review

Our Story Ends Here review: She: I’ve not found love in you. I’ve found life in you. He: And I have found my heaven in you.

Plot Summary: The story is about Mehar and Sarmad. The former a daughter of an army general and the later a trained to be a ruthless terrorist. When both of them lives their own way, fate brings them together. They fall for each other what happens to their forbidden love and their life forms the 288 pages novel.

Our Story Ends Here reviewAuthor: Sara Naveed

Published by: Penguin Random India

Pages: 288 Paperback

Price: Rs. 149 Buy now

Goosebumps review: A must read for romantic lovers. Sara’s beautiful narration will stay in the hearts for sure. The climax will shake the readers. Goosebumps with emotions guaranteed. 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


Our Story Ends Here is the second novel by Sara Naveed. She has risen to fame with her debut, Undying Affinity which narrates the story of a young girl. Sara’s story has kindled the emotions of many, Our Story Ends Here is no different. It is one of the best love stories in the recent times.

The initial pages sets the tone of the novel. Once Sarmad meets Mehar the novel turns into an adorable read. The feelings both the lead characters develop for each other is narrated beautifully. The dialogues adds extra cuteness to the narration.

The cinematic style of narration is like watching a movie. Even Sara has added songs in between which glam the shining story (Don’t go out for a puff, you are not in theater). Sara has succeeded in pinning the readers to the novel and maintained it till the end.

Apart from love Sara’s narration about the beauty of Pakistan and the SWAT valley brings it to life. She has taken extra care in portraying the culture of Pakistani people, their life, their food and clothing. It has helped to plant the characters in the hearts.

Though the climax of this forbidden love story is predictable, one cannot control their emotions. The climax is one of the bests in love stories and will live in the reader’s heart. A must read for romantic lovers.

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About the author:

Sara Naveed is a Lahore based author. Her debut novel Undying Affinity has taken her to the limelight. Initially she has contributed to many fan fictions which leads to her writing career. The comments she received for her debut novel has intensified her writing career. She resides with her family in Lahore, Pakistan.


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