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Origin one of the bests of Langdon -Book review

Origin book review: Historically, the most dangerous men on earth were men of God…especially when their gods became threatened.

Plot summary: Robert Langdon, the famous symbology professor at Harvard Univesity arrives at Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. He is to attend the unveiling of one of the greatest scientific discovery of human kind. But, things turn bad when the discovery is threatened to lost forever. Langdon along with Kirsch the discoverer and Vidal the museum director chases down the secret to unveil the discovery. The discovery shocks the entire human race. What’s the discovery? How Robert unveils it? Who is behind the threat? All these questions were answered in usual Dan Brown fashion.

Origin Novel reviewAuthor: Dan Brown

Published by: Random House

Pages: 544

Price: Rs. 447/- Buy now

Goosebumps review: A fun ride with usual Langdon stuff. A must read for thriller lovers and Langdon fans. Don’t miss it for the gripping narration, secret vaults and technology that threatens to sweep the human race. Goosebumps guaranteed.

Rating: (4.2 / 5)

Origin Novel review:

It was 2013 when Robert Langdon was last seen. The famous Harvard symbology professor who left us from Inferno is put into Spain this time around. As usual he travels into cathedrals, secret passages, secret doorways and symbols. We love him for the same, aren’t we?

To start with the novel takes the same route as every Langdon novel does. The only difference is no threatening killer is behind Robert in the beginning. The secrets, symbols, passwords follow us throughout the journey.

Origin novel review

The phase of the story works great, especially towards the end. Only Dan Brown can give us the taste of the nail biting, page turning experience. If you love Langdon series you will enjoy this novel to the core.

Than arts and cathedral vaults, technology has interested Brown this time. Origin has technology which is rare in Langdon’s novels. I personally loved the character Winston an artificial intelligence which is far more than AI.

Apart from all the secrets, gripping narration and Mickey Mouse watch Dan Brown still lurks with his usual sentences. One might find renowned, well known, celebrated quite often. Hope his fans love this as well. The built up given to the discovery didn’t live up to the expectation, once it is unveiled. But that didn’t sombre the novel.

On the whole a typical Langdon novel with some new add ups with lot of secrets and fun. A must read for thriller lovers and Langdon craze.

Secrets that excites:
  • Gripping narration, especially towards the end
  • Symbols and secrets that excites once discovered
  • History and technology that enlightens
  • Though you can guess the antagonist halfway into the story, it is not a let down
  • A tour into Spain
Secrets that let down:
  • The discovery that didn’t live up to the expectation
  • Usual Dan Brown style sentences might not impress few new readers

GIF review:


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