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My Wife’s Diary – Goosebumps review

As much as I tried not to think about her, she kept flitting into my consciousness or into my line of sight. And I was clear that I wanted her.

my wife's diaryAuthor: Deepanshu Saini

Published by: Omji Publication House Pvt Ltd

Published on: 2016

Pages: 148 Paperback

Price: Rs.141 Buy now



No one likes his wife’s dairy to be public but this is a topsy-turvy. That was the bascal reason for my selection. The selection proved to be a worthy one.

The plot revolves around Abhinav and Pournima a happily married couple. Romance was the high of the life until a day when Abhinav discovers Pournima’s dairy, which seeds the turn of events. The dairy was a shocker to him. It reveals his wife’s relationships with Prashant & Avantika and her desires. What does Abhinav discover? What’s the relationship between Pournima and Avantika? How the couple’s love root from there? You have to find the answer by reading the dairy (Novel).

This is Deepanshu Saini’s third authorial, his best one I should say. The plot was a well developed one and narrated with lucid language. The much debated same sex relationship has been the bedrock of the story. The idea (same sex relationship) might seem bad but the narration will never make you uncomfortable.  The dilemma of a woman’s mind on relationships has been penned to perfection. The true love, struggle of a husband can be felt in the real world by the readers (I felt it, LoL).

No one can understand a woman’s heart not even by the woman herself; the novel is a clear evidence of it. The narration of a girl’s life from her perspective was beautiful. Once the dairy hits Abhinav’s hand you will find yourself turning pages at rapid phase. The only lag was the less detailing of Pournima and Avantika’s relationship. Apart from it the novel is a compelling read for fiction and romance lovers.

Worth mentioning:

  1. A sequel is expected as the novel has unfinished sections.
  2. The novel is set be made into a motion picture by Saurabh Varma who has directed Mickey Virus.


Goosebumps review: An excellent plot with beautiful narration. Average Goosebumps guaranteed.  A quick read can try during a travel or a short time break. (Can try while standing in bank ques as well… lol)

(4 / 5)


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About the author:

DeepanshuDeepanshu Saini was born on October 16, (year unknown) in Delhi. He has a B.Tech from Kurukshetra University. Currently he is employed with TATA Power Delhi Distribution Ltd as an Assistant Manager. His writing career started in the year 2002 when he has written a poem for his classmate. It has tempted the author in him. Soon he started writing short stories, performing in stage drama and much more. His first novel was Girl’s Hostel- Unspoken Memories which was published in 2014. He likes to read and collect books. He is a travel lover and he does adore Bollywood songs.

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