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Lion in Oscars 2017

An uncertain future, unknown faces, unknown language and a strange look are what you get when thrown into the world all alone. Lion in Oscars 2017 convey these feelings through Saroo an orphan, though he has parents.

First screened in Toronto International Film Festival (September 10, 2016), Lion has received acclaim from critics as well as the audience. The beauty of the film was its reality and the emotions it implies in the audience’s heart.  The Garth Davis directorial is based on the book ‘A Long Way home’ authored by Saroo Brierley with Larry Buttrose.

Lion 2016 movie

The story narrates Saroo’s hunt for his village and mother. Saroo was living happily with his caring mother and brother. On an instance he was kept waiting by his brother in a railway station, where he decides to take a nap in the stationed train. The cruelty of the fate plays on him when he wakes up. He finds himself being trapped in a running train.

The journey takes him to Calcutta, where he roams the streets in search of his village and food. An adorable parent from Tasmania adopts Saroo and takes him to Tasmania. At the age of twelve Saroo recollects his childhood and his temptation to find his village and mother brings him to India. He traces his village with the help of modern tech (Google Earth).

Lion in Oscars 2017

Lion standouts in its reality bound screenplay. Saroo can be related to many orphans who live an uncertain life. Even few of us might have faced the same situation in our childhood, at least once. Director Davis scores in making the audience feel the desperation of Saroo.

Though the initial few scenes might give us a prediction of the proceedings the performance does the mojo. Sunny Pawar and Dev Patel as young and teen Saroo respectively stands in our hearts. The conclusion was a fitting tear rolling one. Lion moves the heart with painful reality.

It has been nominated in six categories in the Oscars 2017. A serious competitor in terms of emotion but the predictable story might play the spoil. 26th January will reveal the mystery.

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