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La La Land vs Moonlight, the Oscar race

The celebration time for the movie lovers is here. Oscars are round the corner with some interesting picks and news as usual. Almost whole of the entertainment world has hooked up to Dolby theater, Hollywood. The much waited finale will be live in few hours. Predictions are flying and swarming the internet. Though there seemed no competition in the best motion picture category, difference in opinion raised a week or so ago. Now most of the predictors have come to a conclusion that La La Land Vs Moonlight and the Oscar race.

Oscars 2017

La La Land:

La La Land the musical romance directed by Damien Chazelle has already made history. With its record breaking five golden globes and fourteen nominations at the Oscars, La La Land has stood a clear favorite for the best motion picture.

It narrates the story of two aspiring talents in the Hollywood, one a jazz pianist Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and the other Mia (Emma Stone) an aspiring actress.  Both the young talents have the heart but lack the opportunity, ends up in each others’ hands. Fate plays once the love settles in.

The movie has won many hearts as it has recreated the musical experience of the 1950s and the romance it intrigues. It has been one of the standalone favorite for the best motion picture at the Oscars.

La La Land Vs Moonlight1

Why La La Land:

This musical romantic movie has (had) a clear upper hand from its rivals due to many reasons. The setting of the film, though it sweets our ears with the classic music the movie is set in modern days which is something interesting and fresh to watch.

Emma and Ryan the paid which won the hearts of the fans in their previous two outings, have an excellent chemistry between them. Their screen presence acts as the life of the movie. Their intimacy, love, expressions brought the floors down.

La La Land Vs Moonlight (2)

The reality that the climax holds. It has the touch of classic movie which relays on the reality of the script. Though the climax is a bittersweet one it plants the movie in our hearts. The songs are another advantage as they lift the spirits of movie lovers at regular intervals.

Technical aspects play a major role in lifting La La Land. Cinematography by Linus Sandgren and music by Justin Hurwitz were the soul of the movie. They have done an exceptional job (probably the best in their carrier so far).

Though La La Land has many aspects to take the gold away, the all-white cast, the jazz controversy might turn it down.


Nominated in Eight categories Moonlight has become the favorite for few Oscar predictors (at least since a week back). Moonlight has also won the Golden Globe for best motion picture drama and AFI awards for the best movie of the year.

La La Land Vs Moonlight 5

The movie is about Chiron who faces the same problem as most of the African-Americans would have faced in their life (May be not lately). The movie narrates his life three different stages, Chiron as a child, a teenager and an adult.

Why Moonlight:

Moonlight standouts in portraying the reality. The pain of loneliness, the search for a father figure, facing the reality and finding the identity of oneself, Moonlight is a master piece. The success of the movie is the way the emotions are planted in the audience.

Director Berry Jenkins has done an exceptional work. He hasn’t wasted a single frame. He has put great care and sensitivity in giving life to his movie. The performance by the three actors Alex R Hibbert, Ashton Sanders and Trevante Rhodes were equally good as Berry’s direction.

La La Land Vs Moonlight 4

Each and everything in the movie seems like tailor made for the movie. Be it the music, the visuals, the characters everything fits perfectly. It has been an emotional watch for many movie goers and few stated it as one of the bests in their life time.

There is less negativity one would state about the movie (None as far as I am concerned). If the movie wins the gold on the Oscar night it would open doors for African-American films and create history.

Both La La Land and Moonlight will lock horns for the best motion picture but here might be a surprise pick as the other movies in the category are equally good.



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