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Kong Skull Island, a different Kong in action

Kong: Skull Island review He is Kong. He is the God on the Island…  We don’t belong here…  But the devils live lowest… I call them Skull crawlers… Why…. B’caz it sounds neat.

Plot Summary: The year is 1973, Bill Randa hires Captain James Conrad and a helicopter squadron to explore Skull Island. Mason Weaver a photo journalist joins them in the exploration. When they land in Skull Island they face Kong (A 100 tall ape). Their team gets destroyed with handful of survivors. What they did in the isolated Island? How did they escape from the Island? What’s Kong’s fate were the 118 minutes adventure.

Kong Skull Island review

Directed by: Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Starring: Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, Brie Larson

Distributed by: Warner Bros. Pictures

Running time: 118 minutes Watch Trailer

Goosebumps review: A must watch for monster movie lovers and off course children. Go without expectation you would love it. Goosebumps at times guaranteed.

Critics: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5) Audience: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)



Inspired by many movies Jordan Vogt-Roberts has brought Kong: Skull Island. Though the largest ape to ever live (At least in movies) was so popular in Hollywood and appeared time to time on the screens was last seen in 2005 with Peter Jackson behind the script. Jordan has given some new colors to the original Kong with a modulated script.

Unlike other Kong movies or monster movie you don’t have to wait long to meet Kong instead he shows up in the first scene itself. Though Kong’s screen presence is reduced, still he impresses us whenever he shows up. The fights between Kong and the other monsters are a treat to watch.

Since frame one the movie is on the script. The character introductions are crisp and fast. We land in Skull Island within the first 15 minutes into the movie. The enchanting visuals keep the audience hooked. Jordan along with Larry Fong has captured the island with some appealing visuals. The slow motion effect adds up to the excitement.

The monsters that pop up time to time enthralls and we could here wows now and then in the theatre. The final battle between Kong and the Skull Crawler is the top notch. Apart from all the background score is the best thing I enjoyed about the movie. The songs like Jefferson Airplane (“White Rabbit”), Black Sabbath (“Paranoid”), Creedence Clearwater Revival (“Bad Moon Rising”) and David Bowie (“Ziggy Stardust”) were used to perfection.

Kong skull Island review


Though the movie is great up to some extend it does have many down falls. The story doesn’t fall in line and the editing adds up to the misery. Few forced scenes might raise our doubt over the perfection of the movie.

The movie has a strong cast, but except Samuel L. Jackson and John C. Reily no one has much to offer (Only for marketing). Apart from all Kong is not so emotional this time which is rather unlikely in Kong movies. He just shares a brief moment with Brie where she touches him, but that isn’t emotional.

At times some funny one liners are thrown in but fades before it settles down. The slow motion effect is good, but a little too much.

Kong skull Island review

Final words:

Lags apart Kong: Skull Island is a must watch if you love monster movies. Children would love it and are advised to watch it with parent – The movie is violent (A little). The post credits show that more monster movies are to follow and next time it would be a fight between Godzilla and the Kong.

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