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Kalakalappu 2 a clear family entertainer – Movie review

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Kalakalappu 2 review:

“Yeh Sami va cricket viladlam, Nan batting ah bowling ah?, Needhanda stumpuu”

Plot summary: Raghu (Jai) goes to Kasi in search of his Manson, which is his ancestral property. He finds Seenu (Jiva) runs the Manson. Raghu tries to get back the Manson through Aishu (Nikki). Later he understood about Aishu and Seenu’s friendship. In the meantime an ex-minister asks his auditor to safe guard his illegal properties. But the auditor himself tries to benefit from the properties. How the two story unites together? What happened to Raghu and Seenu forms the 154 minutes comedy drama.

kalakalappu-2 reviewDirected by: Sundar.C

Starring: Jiva, Jai, Shiva, Nikki Galrani, Catherine Teresa and others

Music by: Hiphop Aadhi

Running time: 154 minutes

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Goosebumps review: A must watch for Sundar.C fans. Leaving the logics aside the comedy scenes are extreme stress busters. The second half will impress you for sure. An apt movie for the family audience. Goosebumps are not necessary when you keep laughing 😛

Rating: Critics – (3 / 5) Fans – (4 / 5)

Kalakalappu 2 review:

Sundar.C is known to entertain every fan possible. He doesn’t disappoint his fans in each of his outings. Kalakalappu 2 is no different. The movie is named after the 2012 comedy entertainer under the same name.  The sequel is not actually a sequel in terms of the story.

The biggest plus of the movie is its cast. Jiva, Jai, Shiva, Nikki, Catharine play the lead characters and a bunch of comedians forms the comedy portions. Sundar.C has succeeded in roping as many comedians as possible. Each character has played their role to the perfection.

Kalakalappu review

Jiva and Jai runs the movie throughout the first half, but the actual fun starts when Shiva enters the frame. His one liners, expressions and acting are a fun to watch, especially he is the show stealer in the second half.

For both Jiva and Jai this would be their comeback movies. Both of them have understood their characters and done what is necessary for it. Nikki and Catherine were apt for the jolly bubbly character they were roped in. Apart from the lead characters, every comedians have done an exceptional job to keep the audience laughing throughout the second half.

Sundar.C’s direction as usual excels during the comedy scenes. He has poured a lot of colours into Kasi as well as Karaikudi. His use of the characters and the cast was exceptional. He was equally shouldered by the technicians.

Senthil Kumar’s camera and Srikanth’s editing are laudable. Peppy songs and the apt background scores by Hiphop Aadhi works great. Oru Kuchi oru selfie is one such example.

Apart from a little boring first half Kalakalappu 2 is a clear winner in terms of comedy. If you don’t expect logic and wants a stress buster Kalakalappu 2 is your go movie.

Stress busters:
  • Shiva’s presence
  • A fun filled second half
  • The huge star cast
  • C and technicians hard work
Stress increases:
  • A little boring first half
  • Movie’s length

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