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Jack Reacher Never go back -Goosebumps review

1463565444_jack-reacher-never-go-back-2016Tom cruise the name is enough to drive fans crazy. He is back with another action movie. Jack Reacher 2(Never go back), the sequel of Jack Reacher which was released in 2012. The first part has done well at the box office.

Never go back is about Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) traveling across America to meet his newly found love Major Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders). But before he could meet her she was arrested (on charges of espionage).  Now Cruise gets into action he wants to prove her innocence with his intelligence and some action. He breaks the prison to save Susan and pick a small girl whom he found to be his daughter. Did he proved her innocence what happens to him and his daughter unfolds to us in 118 minute run action thriller.jack-reacher-featured-image

The movie is based on Lee Child’s book. The saving part of the movie is the screen presence of Tom Cruise. The action scenes are always his best. He does it with ease. The importance given to female leads was another plus. The feminist part of the film is added advantage. But, the movie is rather a dull addition to Tom’s career. It follows a lazy screen play which at times will make you feel exhausted. The action scenes are a bit cinematic. You might find few good points in the movie but that will be overturned by many bad ones. The villain is also not that appealing. Edward Zwick (the director) has done a murky screenplay. The story didn’t follow the sequence not even the father daughter relationship. On the whole it’s not what we expected from a Cruise movie.

Goosebumps review: If you are Tom Cruise’s fan you will get one whenever you see him in action. But apart from it nothing much.

Like review: Like eating a very old sandwich.

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