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I do what I do, dealing it Mr.Rajan’s way -Book Review

I do what I do review: When Raghuram G. Rajan took charge as Governor of the Reserve Bank of India in September 2013, the rupee was in free fall, inflation was high, India had a large current account deficit and India’s exchange reserves were falling.

About the book: I do what I do speaks about Rahuram Rajan’s tenure as the RBI president. The bold decisions he flagged off during his tenure, the reasons that pushed the decisions, his view on Indian economy and its future were discussed by Raghuram Rajan in his own words.

I do what I do reviewAuthor: Raghuram Rajan

Publisher: Harper Business

Pages: 344

Price: Rs. 479 /- Buy now

Goosebumps review: A must read for economic student and reform lovers. Readers get ample of learning opportunities on Indian economy and its future. General readers might find the economic terms a bit alien.

Review: (4 / 5)

Raghuram Rajan is one the sensational RBI governors India has seen. His tenure as the RBI governor was not a cake walk. He took over the highest seat in Indian economy among the chaos of rising inflation and weakening Indian rupee. His measures have won praise as well as criticism among the economist as well as general public. Above all Raghuram Rajan is one the better RBI governors ever.

In his book ‘I do what I do’ he speaks about everything that concerns his decision making during his tenure. It is one of the better books to learn about economy, especially for economic students. He has detailed few technical terms related economics. He tried his best to make it clear to the general readers as well.

‘I do what I do’ has ample of things to learn. If you are new to economy related books you might find it a bit alien, but once you understand the concepts it’s a thought conquering book. Reading with little breaks will tingle the thoughts on economy for sure.

It’s a must read book for economic students as the book deals with the present day economy. Mr.Rajan has also detailed about his team’s hard work during his tenure which includes Mr.Urjit Patel (Present RBI governor), Mr.Modi’s economic reforms and its effects as well.


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