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Hidden Figures and the Oscars 2017

The Oscar nominees have seen some serious competition this time, with nine movies fighting for the glory in the best motion picture category. Each prediction (By various predictors) gives a different opinion and different movie. But I found each movie deserves its own identity. Starting from La La Land which is nominated in a record 14 categories, Moonlight, Manchester by the Sea, Lion, Hacksaw Ridge, Fences, Hidden Figures, Hell or High Water and Arrival each movie is different and appealing. I will try to try to analyze each movie and what’s so special about it.

Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures, a movie that has raised many eye brows narrates the story of three unsung African-American women talents. Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson the three brainy NASA employees were the stronghold behind the success of John Glenn Mission in 1960s.

The history (At least the people) might have forgotten these three talents, but Theodore Melfi isn’t. He has given life to the history, which made NASA proud by three ladies who were treated the worst because of racism and Gender conventions.  The movie was based on the non-fiction authored by Margot Lee Shetterly.

The movie is nominated in three categories at the 89th Academy Awards (Oscars). The much celebrated movie by the critics speaks about the struggle of African-American women and their life. Taraji P Henson, Janelle Monae and Octavia Spencer have given life to these three historical women.

Hidden Figures is one of the perfect examples of a biographical movie. Unlike other biographical movies Hidden Figures doesn’t deviate from the plot and never tried to overdo the heroism. On the other hand it narrates the actual struggle of African-American women, their contribution to the science, their personal lives, girly things they do and the success they taste.

Hidden Figures

It is one of the feel good movies one would love to watch. The movie has made deep impressions about the segregation that happened during the 1960s. The denial of promotion, advanced assignments, less importance for women and lack of professional respect were portrayed well and carves a mark in the audience heart.

Though the movie mostly follows Katherine, Melfi has brought in Dorothy and Mary at apt times. As far as performance is concerned the three lead women rules the movie, especially Taraji. She has lived as Katherine and excels as an actress.

The movie does raises once confidence, especially women’s. Melfi has to be applauded for his effort to bring in the reality of one’s struggle and success. The movie has been nominated in Best motion picture, Best supporting actor (Octavia Spencer) and Best writing adopted screenplay categories.

Though Taraji. P. Henson has missed her academy nomination, the movie will be a tough competitor for other movies in the category.


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