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Hell or High Water in Oscars 2017

Hell or High Water in Oscars 2017 might have surprised few in the final list, but it does have its own trademarks. The crime thriller was the second creativity penned by Taylor Sheridan. He was the receiver of Black List Prize in 2012.

Directed by David Mackenzie ‘Hell or High Water’ narrates the story of two brothers Toby and Tanner, who were about to lose their farm turns a Robin Hood to save it. They rob the bank to which they have to pay their debt to and pay them their own money. They were later trailed by two rangers in pursue of bringing them under law.

Hell or High Water

Hell or High Water succeeded in picturing the post-industrialist America, which was a long forgotten theme. The movie also engages the audience with its moral ambiguity. David has done an exceptional job in bringing out the best from his cast.

Why Hell or High Water might have a chance in the Oscars is because of the theme it holds and the reality it narrates. I am sure some part of the movie reflects the life of a common man. Many audience might have related the movie with their life. Taylor Sheridan’s has done marvels to the dialogues. His thought provoking sentences and the well-crafted characters are the backbone of this robbery boys’ story.

Hell or High Water

The movie has got positive reviews during the time of its release. Made with a budget of less than 5 million dollars, the movie has grossed more than 30 million.  Though the movie was not in many predictors list of best motion picture for Oscars, Hell or High Water has a positive film watching experience.

David has taught the aspiring film makers on how to win the hearts with contemporary theme. Will he take the Oscar home is a huge question mark that can be answered on 26th February, 2017.


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