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Everyone has a story -Goosebumps review

EveryoneEveryone has a Story is a new favorite of book hobbyist recently. The novel is a debut work of Savi Sharma (A student pursuing Charted Accountant). The novel is about four people Meera, Vivaan, Kabir and Nisha. Their life, love, dreams, disappointments and success are the core of the novel.

The positives about the novel are the phase at which the story travels. Even though it is fast phased the novel is engaging. But the best part is with this small book and fast phased story the author has delivered excellent message about life. She has used quotes in between the story which is another feather. The life of this four people will make you think about your life and the character you are playing in it. After a long time I felt good in reading a book which delivers story and a message with balance. The characters are well crafted. The language she used is pretty simple and easy to read. This makes even an amateur to love the book.

The book does have few negative aspects as well. The story lacks depth and at times you will feel there are too many quotes which disturbs the flow of the story. The book is tagged as an inspirational love story but the love is lagging (off course the story is inspirational). At times the story shifts between character and one might find it confusing.

If you need a quick and inspirational story it’s a definite go. You will find this book a worthy read. If Shavi continuous we might find another good author in Indian literature. Savi Sharma

Goosebumps review: A bunch of pages or moments has given me Goosebumps. The quotes that boost the story and the confidence of the readers are worth a try.

Like review: Like spending a short time with our favorite preacher.

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