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He Who Dreams might change your perspective on life

Little in search of love, Little love from lovable, Little love built dream, And the story of common man is born.

Plot summary: He who dreams narrates five different stories. One is about a widow and her struggle in life, second is about a woman’s perspective of life, third deals about the difference in imaginary life and reality, fourth brings in the life of a sex worker and fifth one narrates the story of Mr. N.K.Chaudhary, the man behind Jaipur rags.

He who dreams reviewAuthor: Santosh Avvannavar

Edited by: Rajashree Ghosh

Published by: Amrita Foundation for HRD and Hoffen

Pages: 57 Paperback

Price: Rs. 99 Buy now

Goosebumps review: It’s a great short read with value for life.

(4 / 5)

This is the second book of Santosh Avvannavar who has impressed me with ‘She’. He attempts to convey a message every time and that was evident in his second work as well. I loved the way he portrays the characters and the sentences he uses.

Each story delivers a different message and each message has its own value. The first story travels with a widow and her struggle in the society. The author has pictured the exact mind set of a widow. It does have a strong message, especially for those who blames a girl for her husband’s death.

The second story is about three women and their perspective on life. The story will lift the spirit of women. I loved the final sentence of the story which convey the message of the entire story. The third story shows the reel and reality of life. I felt that the story finished abruptly. It does have a message, but I am not sure whether it has been conveyed to the fullest.

The fourth story was a bit of surprise. It speaks about the life of a sex worker and their status in the society. The reality of a sex worker’s life was pictured and conveyed well. The climax of the story was a surprise.

The fifth and the final story was about Mr.N.K.Chaudhary, a successful business man with an excellent perspective towards life. His story is the highlight of the book. His life and the moments that changed his life were narrated well. It is a confidence booster and a good life lesson.

Santosh as an author has done a great job. Sentences like “If only wishes had wings”, “people do want to find logic while falling in love, but become logical moments after that” has impressed me a lot. There are so many inspiring sentences throughout the book.

It’s a good short read. There are few side-lines like the text of the book was too small and the third story was not that appealing. Apart from these the book is great for those who needs value. It is a fictional non-fiction.



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