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Corporate Avatar, a valuable read -Book review

Corporate Avatars review: “Google is not available offline, but you can consult me for all your problems”

About the book: Corporate Avatar is a self-help book, that aides people to get over the troubles faced in a corporate office. Disha has explained the troubles caused by different personalities in a corporate environment and tips to get over it. The book is a 193 page fun ride.

Corporate avatars reviewAuthor: Disha

Published by: Jaico Publishinh House

Pages: 193

Price: 297/- (Paperback) Buy now

Goosebumps review: It’s a must read book for every corporate employees and new entrants. General readers will also find useful tips to apply in real life. Lucid language and funny sentences helps to keep the readers engaged throughout.

Rating: (4.3 / 5)

Corporate Avatars review:

Corporate Avatar is a new entrant into the corporate world. It’s one of those rare books that deals with the problems faced by corporate employees. The uniqueness is that the book comes from an Indian.

When speaking about corporate self-help books Indian readers turn to foreign authors, as there are lesser Indian authors in this category. Disha has come to solve the issue. Corporate Avatar has come in an appropriate time where most Indians are after Corporate jobs.

Speaking about the book, Disha has listed more than 40 different characters we face in a corporate world. She has detailed the issues caused by each character and tips on how to get rid of them. I personally loved the way the author has chaptered the book. Everything from Mr. Free Rider to Mr. Confused (Feminine included) each chapter is planned and written to perfection.

The simplicity of the chapters and the funny sentences are one of the best aspects of the book. Disha made sure that the readers enjoy the one liners now and then. It kept me engaged till the end. Each reader can relate one other character with their real life. The tips she gives are practical and simple to apply.

Surprisingly the book is Jargon-free, considering the author is an MBA graduate. A general reader can also enjoy the book without googling anything (Thanks to the author). The lucid language and the number pages works in the books favor.

Corporate Avatar is a guide for everyone, yes you heard me right, literally everyone. The characters listed in the book are not only seen in corporate world, one can find these characters in real life as well.

Though it’s a short book with less than 200 pages, it’s advisable to read one chapter at a time. This will help the readers to digest the tips given in each chapter. Hope Disha will continue to impress everyone.

  • Characters can be related to real life
  • Simple chapters and funny sentences
  • Various tips to solve single problem. Tips are simple and applicable in real life
  • Lucid language and short book
Not so Corporative:
  • The pictures used were not clear in certain pages

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