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A Column of Fire, a perfect historical fiction -Book review

A Column of Fire review: “When a man is certain that he knows God’s will, and is resolved to do it regardless of the cost, he is the most dangerous person in the world.”

Plot summary: Will Willard returns home to Kingsbridge during Christmas. He longs to marry his long time love Margery Fitzgerald, but he finds himself among the chaos of change in power in England. Elizabeth Tudor takes over the England throne, while Mary Queen of Scots plans to dethrone Elizabeth and takes her rightful seat. How Will finds his love? What happens in the politically disturbed England? How Historical changes affects among man were narrated in the 1024 pages of Historical fiction.

a column of fireAuthor: Ken Follette

Published by: Pan Macmillan UK

Published on: 12 September 2017

Pages: 1024

Price: Rs. 249/- Buy now

Goosebumps: A perfect historical fiction with exceptional characterization and detailing. A must read for Follett’s fans and history lovers. Goosebumps guaranteed.

Rating: (4 / 5)

A Column of Fire review:

It’s been a decade since the second of the Kingsbridge novel has made its appearance. A Column of Fire the third of the series completes the trilogy that started in the year 1989. It is not a sequel of the previous one, rather it takes the background color from the prequels.

Kingsbridge novels are the fictions based on the historical events of England. A Column of Fire takes its roots from 1558 English history. Queen Elizabeth’s crowning, plots to dethrone her, chaos and common man’s struggle were captured with perfection.

Ken Follett masters the historical fictions, he proves it again. The story does have both history and fiction in perfect blend. The detailing of the background and the history are a treat for the readers. Ken Follett has took us into the medieval Europe with his mastery.

The characterization is exceptional. Each character creates its own mark. One could feel the emotions of each character through the words. How a historical event affects a common man and how he struggles through it has been penned to perfection.

The story moves at a rapid phase to engage the readers. Once the story is set the novel becomes a page turner. Ken Follett’s research in history is evident in each scene. It’s enlightening as well as engaging.

On the downside the length of the history that covered is too much to be worded in 1000 pages. It does add some flaws, especially few extra characters should have been avoided. On the whole it’s a definite treat for history lovers. A must read for Ken Follett’s fans and historical fiction lovers.

Historical hits (Plus):
  • Detailing of the background and events
  • Characterization
  • Phase of the story
Out of track (Minus):
  • Too much to cover in few pages (Considering the time period and the pages)
  • Few characters

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