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Clarity is the Only Spirituality, self-help a different approach- Book review

Clarity is the only Spirituality review:Genuine spirituality is the quest for truth, the eternal verities, and not the search for peace and happiness.”

About the book: Clarity is the only Spirituality, is about being clear in mind to have a perfect life. It speaks about different aspects of life, in which we need clarity. How bringing clarity in these aspects of life makes the spirituality. Susunga Weeraperuma is the author of this self-help book.

Author: Susunga Weeraperuma

Published by: Fingerprint

Pages: 220 (Paperback)

Price: Rs. 139/- Buy now

Goosebumps review: A good read for self-help book lovers. The content is different than an ordinary self-help book. The author’s approach towards the forgotten traits of life is good. Give it a try if you love self-help books with different approach.

Rating: (3.5 / 5)



Clarity is the only Spirituality review:

Clarity is the only Spirituality, the title says it all. Susunga Weeraperuma discusses about different aspects of life which needs to be changed to attain perfection in life. The 220 pages of book is a different self-help book one would read.

Susunga has divided the spirituality into 18 chapters or 18 aspects of life that needs to be changed. The author has covered different dimensions of life which is the highlight of the book. He brings in how religion affects a person’s perspective, how one should see the religion, how to change our communication, what we have forgotten about communication and so many other aspects.

I loved the way Susunga explained how our perspective and actions should change towards these aspects of life. His advice is highly important in the competitive world we live in. Though we know most of the thoughts he shares, we have forgotten everything.

The lucid language and practical approach of the author makes it a compelling read. Give it a try if you love self-help books with different colour to it.


  • Practical approach
  • Recalling the forgotten traits of life
  • Lucid language
Might not impress:
  • Few advices feels a bit boring

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