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Carve the Mark, fails to carve the mark. (Novel review)

“So, throw honor out the window. Honor,” I said with a snort “Honor has no place in survival.”

Plot Summary: The story is set in space where each and every person is gifted with some special powers due to a magical current. It revolves around two main Characters Cyra and Akos. Cyra is from Shotet, a nation that seeks to take control of all other planets in the galaxy. Akos is from Thuvhe, a community with moral people. When everyone in the planet finds their power a gift Cyra and Akos finds the opposite. Fate unties both of them and what happens to them? Why is their power a burden? How people used them forms the 480 pages sci-fi novel.

Carve the MarkAuthor: Veronica Roth

Published by: Haper Collins Children’s Books

Published on: 27th January, 2017

Pages: 480 (Paperback)

Price: Rs. 279 Buy now

Goosebumps review: A good read for Sci-fi lovers, but not a great one. Divergent fans will love it for the detailing of the world. The actual story may not impress few but Goosebumps in the climax might save it.

(3.2 / 5)

Veronica Roth is famous for her sci-fi novels, especially the divergent series. Most of her novels deal with some peculiar world where unique things happen. Carve the mark is no different. The story is a good read for sci-fi lovers.

The creativity behind the novel was appealing; the world Veronica has created was great. Different people with different characters pins the reality in the novel. Each person with different magical powers is the highlight of the novel.

The narration was good. The problems faced by both the lead characters and their fight through it were narrated well. The detailing of the world, action scenes and the characters were cool. I was impressed by the gender roles penned by Veronica. Cyra the female lead was portrayed stronger than Akos which will impress the female readers for sure.

Though the novel shines in detailing the world and characters, it lags in storytelling.  The actual story doesn’t seem to pick up most of the time. Once in hundred pages something happens but before the excitement fills up it dies. The story is set in space but there was not much detailing about it. May be the following books in the series might erase these.

Apart from the few sidelines the story is a must read for Veronica’s fans and sci-fi lovers. If you are new to sci-fi try Divergent series before reading this. The novel has also attracted few criticisms but I don’t find much to be criticized. A good read for sci-fi lovers.

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About the author:

Veronica RothVeronica Roth is an American novel writer known for her sci-fi series, Divergent. She was born on 19thAugust 1988. She was brought up by her mother Barbara Ross. She was graduated from Carleton College, Minnesota. She has become a fame after publishing the Divergent series. The series stood a best seller for many weeks. She has received Good reads 2011 choice award and best the best novel writer of 2012 for young adults. The Divergent series has been made into a motion picture as well.



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