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The Boy from Pataliputra, an enjoyable historical ride- Book review

The Boy from Pataliputra review: One young man is faced with a terrifying choice, a choice that threatens to tear his carefully constructed world apart.

Plot Summary: Aditya, a carefree young lad who lives a happy life in Pataliputra is forced to leave the city. He travels to Takshashila, where he gets educated until Alexander; the king of Macedonia threatens to take over India. Aditya is left with a choice that will change his entire life a topsy turvy. What was the decision he made? How Alexander did enter India? How this fictional character did fits with the history forms the 384 pages of historical adventure.

The Boy from Pataliputra reviewAuthor: Rahul Mitra

Published by: Fingerprint publishing

Pages: 384

Genre: Historical fiction

Price: Rs. 191/- Buy now

Goosebumps review: Rahul Mitra’s Aditya will impress you for sure. The plot gets better in each phase of the story. The detailing of the backdrop and the battle scenes speaks for itself.  A must read for historical fiction lovers. Goosebumps guaranteed.

Rating: (4 / 5)

The Boy from Pataliputra review:

The Boy from Pataliputra has given a perfect start to the trilogy. The story travels with a fictional character with a historical backdrop. I loved the way Rahul Mitra has portrayed the protagonist. The novel is divided into three parts. The first part describes Aditya’s life in Pataliputra. As a carefree man Aditya might seem a little unfit for a protagonist. But, the way the character evolves is the strength of the book.

Though it is a historical fiction the characters in Takshashila and the university itself resembles the present day college life. It is a different approach towards a historical fiction which impressed me a lot. The battle towards the end of the novel is the great add to the finish. The battle actually hypes the expectation for the second book.

Aditya’s inner struggles, his love life, his guru’s advises are the positives that lifts the story. The lucid language helps in the course of reading, especially the battle scenes can reverberate in your ears (The detailing speaks).

Apart from a few glitches in the characterization The Boy from Pataliputra is a winner in many ways. Don’t miss if you love historical fictions. The novel stands as one of the bests in the historical fictions that deal with Alexander’s invasion in India.

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