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Best Indian fictions 2016

2016 has almost come to an end. We are in the last month of this unforgettable year. We have seen so many incidents and historic moments that took the nation by surprise, shock, happiness, pain and every emotion you could name. Demonetisation was the top among them all. Still people in this money whirlpool. Hope this will end soon.

We are bringing you a list of finest fictions released this year. So many sales records have been broke, new books have occupied our shelfs, debutants have become favourite authors and lot more. This list comprises books that have impressed many based on the reviews and ratings given by the users.

1. Everyone has a Story:

A debut novel by Savi Sharma has gone to become one of the best fictions of 2016. The story is about four ambitious persons and their life. The novel is one of the pleasant and soothing read.

2. One Indian Girl:

The book that broke the pre-order sale record on Amazon. Chetan Bhagat the name need no introduction among Indian fiction lovers has come out with a story about a young Indian girl and her life in the corporate culture. Got mixed reviews but a good read for sure.

3. The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad:

Twinkle Khana’s second book has won the hearts of many for its highlights about society and its wrong views. There are four stories and each with a different setup but against the wrong views of the society.

4. The Secret of Druids:

Christopher C.Doyle’s thriller of this year has made every reader excite. One of the best books by him and the best thrillers of this year I have read. It deal about the lost city of Druids and secrets behind it.

5. She Swiped Right into my Heart:

Sudeep Nagarkar’s seventh book is about three friends and their love. It’s one of the heart breaking and emotional love story one would love to read.

6. This Love that Feels Right:

A novel by Ravinder Singh is about a girl who doesn’t want to fall in love but unfortunately love does show up. It is one of the intense love story you would read.

7. Selection day:

Booker Prize winner Aravind Adiga’s fourth novel is about cricket and its background. Set in Mumbai, it is about two brothers and their journey to become a batsman. Emotional and reality story that would move your hearts for sure.

8. The Girl of My Dream:

A different love story by Durjoy Dutta has made our list, because of the different set up it has. This is a unusual love story you would read.

This list is based on the sale report and the reviews by the users of different websites and shopping websites. We might have left few books which might have impressed you. If so please do comment here so other readers might benefit from it.


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