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Its a battle between thathas in Kollywood

As Tamilnadu is gearing up for the Tamil New Year, the Kollywood is gearing up to witness to Thatha’s (Grandpa) battle it out on screens. Simbhu’s AAA and Dhanush’s debut directorial Power Pandi are hitting the screens on April 14, 2017 on Tamil New Year (If there is no issues for the movies).

Simbhu’s AAA has hyped as Simbhu does three different roles in the movie. Amongst them one is Ashwin Thatha who has got immense response from him fans. According to the trailers Ashwin Thatha is in love with Tamanna who is the lead actress in the movie.

Apart from Ashwin Thatha Simbhu does have two other getups (May be three). The movie is directed by Adik Ravichander and produced by Global Infotainment. Yuvan Shakar Raja has composed music for the movie.


On the other hand Dhanush has made his debut as the director in Power Pandi. A movie stars Rajkiran as the lead character who portrays the life of an old man. The trailer has become social media buzz soon after its release. The trailer has showcased Rajkiran in a power packed, sentiment ridden role.

The movie does have Dhanush himself playing a role (Might be the younger version of Rajkiran). Sean Roldan Dhanush’s new music partner has composed the music for the movie.

As both the movies have an old man as the lead character it has raised expectation for the movies. After a long time Simbhu and dhanush movies will be releasing on the same day. The result has to be witnessed soon.



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