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Ban on 500 and 1000 rupees notes

pm-narendra-modi-650_650x400_71478615878The topic might be irrelevant here, but I believe this is mandatory. The topic is the hot news in the country right now. It’s one of the bold and surprising move by a government that I have seen in recent times.

Prime Minister of India has made an awesome announcement this evening which came as a surprise as well as shocking one.

  1. From today’s midnight (08.11.2016) Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes will not be valid.
  2. One can change the notes in hand in any banks and post office from 10.11.2016, as the banks and post office will be off tomorrow (09.11.2016).
  3. Apart from banks and post office petrol pumps, government hospitals and airports will continue to receive these banned notes till 11th The notes cannot be exchanged here.
  4. ATMs will not function tomorrow and day after tomorrow.
  5. No change in cheque, Demand draft, debit and credit card transactions.
  6. New 500 and 2000 rupees notes will be issued by the government through banks. The deadline for changing the notes is till 30th December, 2016. One should show his/her ID card for exchanging.

As far as the country is concerned this is a great move by Mr.Modi and the cabinet. This will ban black money or will bring out the black money that has been eating the country’s economy. Off course this will affect the normal man’s life. But, people should understand the importance of such an announcement. I would like to mention again “It is one of the bold and exceptional move by Modi’s government”.


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