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Bairavaa a complete masala entertainer – Movie review

“Enaiku yarkitayum iladha keta palakam yen kita eruku. Sona sola kapathradhu.”

Plot Summary: The story is weaved around the corruption behind education. Bairavaa the debt collector fights against the crimes behind education. Romance, comedy, sentiments are added into the mass entertainer.


Director: Bharathan

Cast: Vijay, Keerthi Suresh, Jagapathi Babu, Thambhi Ramaiah

Music by: Santhosh Narayanan

Produced by: B.Barathi Reddy

Distributed by: Sri Green Production

Goosebumps review: A complete masala entertainer with mostly predictable screenplay. A onetime watch and a must watch for Vijay fans.

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

This is Vijay’s 60th film and second in a year time span. The movie has created a strong positive vibe among Vijay’s fans. Especially, the trailer has trailer release in YouTube. What was promised in the trailer was delivered. Bhairava was a complete masala entertainment movie, a one man show to be precious.

The whole story revolves around Vijay, his screen presence is the biggest plus. The action sequences, emotional performances, romantic part and being funny he carries the entire movie on his shoulders. The only sideline would be his voice modulation at some places might seem artificial.

Keerthi Suresh as the lead pair has done her role to the perfection. She doesn’t have much screen presence but has utilized her time span well. As a homely Nelai girl she excels in look as well as acting.  The comedy track by Rajender and Sathish were peppered here and there. But one might feel few scenes should have been trimmed. Jagapathi Babu, Thambi Ramaiah and Daniel Balaji have put their experience into action, which worked well.


Though cast has done well, the screenplay falls flat. The first half was engaging with good scenes here and there to keep the audience engaged. But the second half predictable and average. The one bold step by the director was to keep Vijay away from the much predictable flashback, which is a rarity in Vijay’s film. If you go to a masala entertainer you should be ready to accept logical loop holes. The same happens here, especially in the second half the movie becomes predictable and finishes with less excitement.

The savior would be the interval block fight scene, pre climax fight scene and few others. Vijay has energized the action scenes and his fans will go crazy. The cricket fight bring in Whistles for sure.

The art direction was good the Koyembedu set was one such example. Music by Santhosh Narayanan works in the BGM but the songs fail to impress much. Bharathan should have taken extra care in the screenplay. Some might feel the movie should have been a good 20 minutes shorter.  On the whole a letdown screenplay saved by Vijay’s screen presence. It’s a must watch for Vijay fans but for general audience -?


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