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Arrival in Oscars 2017

Sci-fi the genre that was rare to be seen in the Oscar nominees is not the same. Recently many sci-fis have got their name listed in the golden list. Avatar, District 9, Gravity and few others made it to the list in the previous few years. This time it’s Arrival the sci-fi that surprised many with the twist in the tale.

Arrival in Oscars 2017

The Denis Villeneuve’s directorial narrates the story of a female linguist who lost her teen daughter and roams with her thoughts. Dr. Louise Banks played by Amy Adams is a world famous linguist who helped the army in their missions to decode languages and codes. She dwells in the loss of her daughter’s death when she receives another call from the army to help them in a mission.

Aliens have arrived to Earth in a dozen space crafts and the army wants Dr. Louise to understand the alien’s language and find what they need from her. She gets help from her partner in the task Ian Donelly, played by Jeremy Renner. When both of them enters the alien spacecraft and starts the communication the story builds up.

Arrival has its core from the Novella written by Ted Chiang. Eric Heisserer has done an exceptional job in creating the script form the novella. He has done a thoughtful script which engulfs the audience from the word go.

Arrival Oscars

Denis’s picturing of the script was pleasant, especially he and the cinematographer Bradford Young’s camera has done wonders. The frames looked elegant and appealing. Jóhann Jóhannsson music was another feather in the cap. His background moves along with the emotions and the actions.

The gradual unfolding of the story and the thoughtful twists were the highlight of the movie. The cast has done justification to the script, especially Amy. Arrival has been nominated in eight categories at the Oscars. It is going to be a serious contender for the Best Motion Picture; if it wins it will be the first sci-fi to do so.

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