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Aravind Adiga’s Selection Day


Aravind Adiga’s Selection day the latest buzz in the books world. I have got my copy last week and I had it in my hands for the whole week. Here I bring you the important aspects about the novel. As usual I am not going to review the book, I am going to list out the points why one should read this book and not.

Cricket is one of the (May b only) highly celebrated sports in India and it has become the center point in Adiga’s recent penning. The novel is about two brothers who want to get into the highly competitive cricketing world. Their life and their journey were narrated by Adiga with emotion, aspiration and cricket.

Why one should read this novel:

  1. Adiga’s narration always stands out and his novels are moving and this one is not an exception. He narrates the story with emotion and aspiration.
  2. I can say it is one of the best books written about the game. If you love cricket you should read this novel.
  3. The unknown social mobility in cricket during the 1980s was perfectly portrayed by the author.
  4. The research done by the author about the game and the Mumbai cricketing world makes this a compelling read.
  5. Adiga’s narration takes you deep into the novel. The novel will keep you engaged for the most part. This novel will move your heart for sure.

Why one should not read:

  1. I don’t find any drawback about the novel. But, if you love thrillers then this novel is not for you.
  2. Slangs of few characters are a bit confusing (Not much).

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