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Aishwarya Dhanush has become a writer


Aishwarya Dhanush, has taken another avatar. “Standing on an Apple Box”, her 184 pages memoir is expected to be released on her father Rajinikanth’s birthday (December 12, 2016). The book will be published by Harper Collins India.

The memoir is about Aishwarya Dhanush’s life from her childhood to a mother. The book has been divided into three stages Daughter, Wife and Mother. In an interview to The Hindu she has stated that the book is like an extract from a diary of someone.rajinikanth_640x480_81459053171

Aishwarya has explained her childhood in Bangalore and Madras, her attachment with her father Superstar Rajinikanth, her love of Marina beech, a peek into the life of her family, the love story with Dhanush and her life as a mother in the book. She writes with disarming honesty about life as Rajinikanth’s daughter, of falling in love and raising two boys with Dhanush, of fighting her own demons and finding satisfaction in a career of her choice. She reflects on the many roles a woman has to juggle at home and outside—in her case, under the watchful gaze of cameras and celebrity-watchers.

The book is available in Amazon for Pre-order. We will come out with the review once it is published. Read the exclusive extract published by The Hindu.


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