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Adhe Kangal, a decent thriller with right portion of love and suspense

I can understand what you feel and I hope that you can understand what I feel.

Plot summary: Varun, a blind chef was happy in his own world. He moves on his life with his friend Sadhana, who is in love with him (Not Varun). The story changes when Varun meets Deepa a kind hearted girl, whom Varun falls for. Varun wants to help Deepa’s poor family, but before he could do anything he meets with an accident. The accident gives him a surprise turn around in life, but soon he discovers something that shades the surprise. What happens after the accident? What shock his life? Has he come out of it forms the romantic thriller.

Adhe KangalDirected by: Rohin Venkatesan

Starring: Kalaiyarasan, Janani Iyer, Sshivada, Balasaravanan

Produced by: C.V.Kumar

Music by: Mohamaad Gibran

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Goosebumps review: A decent thriller with enough romance and a great plot. The screenplay needs a bit of acceleration. Goosebumps not guaranteed.

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


Adhe Kangal a name that brought shivers to the audience in the 1967 is now back, but this time colored with love.  An excellent plot with right element of suspense, love and thrill. The romantic portions were shown well.

The initial few minutes constructs a triangular love story, but Varun’s accident kick starts the thriller in it. The second half of the movie was great especially the investigation part. Balasaravanan in the second half was a good add.

Though the plot is great, the screenplay looks a bit lagging for a thriller.  One might feel the screenplay should have been a little tighter. The dialogues are direct and that punches out the thrill from the plot. Second half of the movie was the savior.

Adhe Kangal

Kalaiyarasan as Varun shines. He has delivered what was needed for the role. Be it the blind chef or the one who search for his lady love, he excels. Janani Iyer as Sadhana was cute and perfected her character. But it was Sshivada who steals the show with her excellent acting and charming looks. Her mysterious smiles were added thrill. She is a great find to the industry.

This is Rohin Venkatesan’s debut movie as a director. He has done a decent job. His portrayal of the female leads was great. Than romance the female leads have major contribution to the film. His narration in the second half needs applauding. A little more effort in the first half would have planted him as one of the best finds.

C.V.Kumar the producer of the flick should be appreciated for his trust in the debut directors and bringing them to the big stage. There are only few crowd pulling producers in the industry and Kumar is one among them.

The plot and few of the casts have saved the movie from the lagging screenplay. On the whole the movie is a decent thriller that needs a little touch up in the screenplay.

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Adhe Kangal


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