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8 Thottakkal, one of the bests – Movie review

8 Thottakkal review: Chuma soluvanga sir, Naladhe sei naladhe nadakum, nermaya erundha uure una pugalum nu, yelam sutha poi.

Plot summary: A cop’s gun gets stolen. The search begins but before it could be found it lands up in the hands of a robber. What happens to the gun? What happens to the cop? Many other questions have been answered in the mystery thriller.

8-thottakkal-reviewDirector: Sri Ganesh

Starring: Vettri, MS.Bhaskar, Naasar

Goosebumps review: One of the best movies of 2017. Sri Ganesh’s direction and MS.Bhaskar’s acting are never to be missed. A must watch with Goosebumps guaranteed.

Critics: 3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5) Audience: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)




2017 has been a promising year for Kollywood, especially debut directors have rocked the industry with small budget movies. 8 Thottakkal is one among them. The debut director Sri Ganesh has nailed it with his screenplay.


The initial set up of the movie is enough to make a good impression about the movie and 8 Thottakkal has done just that. Initial few minutes into the movie makes us think it’s worth the money. The mystery behind the gun, the twists and turns, mind boggling narration keep us hooked throughout the first half.

The second half might feel a bit slow, especially the songs. One might wonder whets the need of this song here. Apart from the song and a few leggy moments the movie sticks to its core subject. Once you watch the complete movie you will have a satisfied movie watching experience.


Though the movie has many characters it’s MS.Basker who stands out. So far we have seen him as a comedian (At least in most of the movies), but Sri Ganesh has other idea for him. Ganesh has penned a perfect character to bring out excellent performance from MS.Baskar. His acting, dialogue delivery and expressions are simply superb.

Vetri as the cop has done justification to his role. He has delivered what is needed from his character. Apart from the lead characters each and every character is important in the movie and everyone stays in our hearts with their performance.


8 thottakkal review

Cinematography is the biggest plus to the movie. Every frame is set in keeping the story in mind. He hasn’t done anything unseal to annoy us. Music was great in the first half, but it would have been a bit better in the second.

It is Sri Ganesh who steals the show. His direction and characterization are carries the movie throughout. His in depth research about his subjects and perfect picturisation of each character speaks his hard work. Hats off to him.

On the whole 8 Thottakkal is one of the best movies of 2017.

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