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Will you still love me, one of Ravinder’s bests- Book review

“Address anything. She smiled gracefully and walked back to the end of the aircraft.”

Plot Summary: Rajveer and Lavanya meet each other in a flight journey. It was love at first sight (Flight) for Rajveer. As Lavanya wasn’t fell for Rajveer initially, she does towards the latter half. Once the love settles, life has other plans for both. What happens to Rajveer and Lavanya? What obstacles do they have to face? What obstacles they faced were narrated in the 240 pages of romantic journey.

will you still love me reviewAuthor: Ravinder Singh

Published by: India Penguin Metro Reads

Pages: 240 Paperback

Price: 108/- Buy now

Goosebumps review: A must read for romantic lovers. The conveyed message is strong and essential for the society. Perfect characters and emotional narration makes it one of the bests from Ravinder.

Rating: (4 / 5)

Will you still love me review:

Ravinder Singh is known to present his romantic novels with some series social issue. He does score in picturing the issues to perfection. Will you still love me is no exception.  Ravinder has brought in another social issue with romance as the background.

The novel travels along with Rajveer and Lavanya. The relationship that flourishes between them is narrated to perfection. Each moment is detailed to plant the emotions in the readers mind.

The social message that carried throughout the novel is the cherry on the cake. Ravinder has worded the struggles faced by people in their daily life, the outcome and the effects with apt situations. Though the messages are peppered throughout the novel, it doesn’t stop the flow of the story.

The end is justifying and realistic. The message it conveys stands out. Lucid language and less than 250 pages make it a short and sweet read. One of the best novels by Ravinder.

Perfectly conveyed:
  • Perfect characters
  • Strong social message
  • Lucid language and simple narration
Failed at:
  • Few dull pages

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