Voice of the Rain Season, an unexpected mystery -Book review

Voice of the Rain Season review: The sky is full of the sun and stars, the world filled with life and in the midst of this I find myself, wondrous, and so my song awakens.

Plot summary: Joy Bose and Martin Shawncross meet at a Bengali literature class at an American institute and falls in love with each other. Joy impressed by Martin’s Bengali origin visits his family. See gets intrigued by the family. Soon the romantic novel turns into a mystery which unfolds shocking revelation to Joy. What’s the mystery? How Joy takes it? What happens to Joy and Martin? All the questions were answered in the 253 pages of romantic mystery.

Voice of the Rain Season

Author: Subrata Dasgupta

Published by: Fingerprint

Pages: 253 (Paperback)

Price: Rs. 209/- Buy now

Goosebumps review: A must read for romantic and mystery lovers. The mystery element might surprise the readers. Lucid language and simple chapters help in completing the novel in one go. Goosebumps guaranteed.

Rating: (3.8 / 5)



Voice of the Rain Season review:

Voice of the Rain Season is a different attempt in the romantic genre. Subrata Dasgupta in his 17th book has surprised the readers with mystery and twists.

When Joy and Martin’s romantic relationship unfolds, one might find the story a usual romance. But, Subrata scores when the mystery element pops up. The story picks phase from the moment.

The characterization is perfect for the story. The steady progress of the story in the mid pages, keeps the readers busy. The twists aids the flow of the story. The beauty of the story is how the author handled the mystery.

Subrata’s love towards Kolkata is evident right from page one. To the memory of 47, theatre road, Kolkata, India is enough to exhibit it. He has used simple language which makes it an easy read even for beginners. The book is compact and can be completed in a single read. Apart from few hiccups Voice of the Rain Season is a must read for romantic mystery lovers.


Worked well:
  • Storyline
  • The unexpected mystery element
  • Twists and characterization
Let down:
  • Martin’s Déjà vu
  • Few dull moments

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