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Valentine Day book suggestion. Celebrate Valentine Day with love.

Valentine day is here, a day that is celebrated throughout the world to spread love. Though the history of the Valentine day is not clear, it is believed that Saint Valentine is remembered on this pleasant day. Even few countries follow a national holiday on this special day.

Whatever the reason is let us take this day to celebrate love we still have in this fast moving world. Just remember the hearts that thinks you in between their busy schedule. Thank your mom for her unconditional love, salute your father for his dedication towards your future, ping your siblings who loves you with cute fights, recall your relatives who adores you, celebrate your friends who are behind you not only in success but also in failure and last but not least love your sweet heart who has given his or her life for you.

We at Etale respect all our beloved viewers and subscribers for their trust on us. With the love we have brought two new books to celebrate this valentine day. Let this day be remembered for ever.

This is Not Your Story by Savi Sharma

This is not your storySavi Sharma one of the great find of 2016 has brought the spot light on her though “Everyone has a Story”. The novel has become an instant bestseller and ranked among the best novels of 2016. She attracted her fans with beautiful quotes in between her story. I personally loved many quotes that she has mentioned throughout the novel.

The budding CA student Savi is ready to conquer the literature world again. Her second authorial “This is not Your Story” will be hitting the bookstand tomorrow (Today 13.02.2017). According to the preview the novel narrates the story of three individuals. Shaurya a CA student like the author, Miraya, an interior designer and Anubhav, a budding entrepreneur.

The book has already become one of the top pre-ordered books in recent times. The author signed copy of the book is available in Amazon for pre-order.

Our Story Ends Here by Sara Naveed

Our story ends hereSara Naveed has produced one of the best novels by a debutant. Her first novel Undying Affinity has stormed many novel lovers’ hearts. She has got a huge fan base due to her debut success. This Valentine day she her new novel in stores.

“Our Story Ends Here” was published on 10th February 2017 and has got positive response from the novel lovers. It narrates the story of a terrorist whose life changes when love melts him. The story has already melted many hearts. It is a good read on a valentine day.

You can gift those books as a valentine day gift as well (If the receiver is a novel reader). Hope this books will impress you. If you find our suggestion useful or if you have any suggestions please do comment below.


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