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#UMAnthem -Are you a biker? Loves Music? Read this first

Be a Man, do you think you can just be a man? (Sing with the tune). The lyrics that has been ruling the bikers for few days. #UMAnthem, Ok so what’s this? Are you a biker? Do like songs? Then read this first.

I was just wandering the internet and faced this strange Hashtag #UMAnthem. Like everyone I was curious to know what is this all about. A little Googling (Initially a lot of Googling) landed me with a handful of information. Hope this would answer those who are searching the same answer as me.

UMAnthem from UM motorcycles:

UMAnthem is a song composed to introduce UM motorcycle’s Renegade sports bike in India. The brand which originates from Miami, US has entered Indian market last year (2016), joining hands with Lohia Auto. They set up a plant at Kashipur, Uttarkhand and started manufacturing bikes, headquartered at New Delhi.


The song:

Ok fine I am not here to give an ad about this company (Have I done a gimmick, hope not).  The anthem or the song was uploaded to YouTube two days back (Today: 15.02.2017) has become instant hit.

It starts with a strong base and moves on to something the bike lovers would go crazy for. The music which mostly Guitar (Most of the bikers love) was accompanied by strong lyrics to tempt the biker in every man (Caz of the lyrics, girls I am not against you). Though the lyrics do promote Renegade, mostly it has the colour of a biker.

The music is available for free in Soundcloud. I have embedded the video and the music as well. Listen to it and go crazy. Might be added to the repeat list.


YouTube link:


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