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The Spy by Paulo Coelho- Goosebumps review

The Spy

“I have always been an optimistic woman, but time has left me bitter, alone and sad.” These words are enough to explain the book. Paulo Coelho has come with another master piece. This time with a story about a women who has been portrayed badly throughout the history.

The book starts with a quote from the bible and stating that this book is based on real life incidents. The story is about Margaretha Geertruida popularly known as Mata Hari a dancer from Dutch. The story was from Mata’s perspective. Mata’s daughter receives a letter from her mother in which she explains her story. Mata landed in Paris with no money in hand, but with much courage. Soon she becomes one of the popular exotic dancer in the city. But behind this beautiful love of Paris lived a double agent, who worked as spy. The government tracked her and arrested her on charge of espionage and what happened to her forms the remaining of the story.

If you believe that Mata is a traitor this book might change your perspective about the strong willed woman. The story is completely a single woman’s struggle in life. This book shows how actually a woman with strong will power and elegance can live a life. The most memorable part of the book is when a firing squad is behind her to take her life Mata cares about her appearance. “She drew on her black stockings, which seemed grotesque under the circumstances, and stepped into a pair of high-heeled shoes adorned with silk laces. As she rose from the bed, she reached for the hook in the corner of her cell, where floor-length fur coat hung, its sleeves and collar trimmed with the fur of another animal, possibly fox.”

Paulo Coelho has as usual made a strong impact through this story. The words are a bit hard for an amateur reader, but comparing his previous books he (Paulo Coelho) has diluted himself. The story makes a strong impact in one’s heart. The book is decorated with pictures now and then which is an added plus, that visualize the story. The story tell how Mata faced her life with fame, courage, loneliness and sorrow.

“All my life I’ve thought and acted like Mata Hari, the woman who has been and will always be the fascination of men and the envy of women. Ever since I left Holland, I’ve lost all sense of distance and danger – neither scares me’, these lines portrays her character and mind set.

I feel strongly impressed by the story and the narration. It is a must read for those who loves Paulo Coelho and human feelings.

Goosebumps review: Many Goosebumps moments guarantee. Dialogues about life Mata and her will power will make an impression.

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