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The Girl of My Dream- Goosebumps review


“The Girl of My Dreams”, the name is enough to impress the young readers. The novel written by Durjoy Datta was published on 15th October, 2016.

Extract from the book:

We are in the car. She’s looking at me. I can see the love in her eyes for me, then a huge crash. She’s flung out of the window. I’m thrown out too. A pool of blood. Her eyes are still on me… but now it’s a death stare. I am Daman and I wake up to this nightmare, every single day.

Waking up from a long coma, Daman learns that he was in a massive car crash with a girl who vanished soon after the accident, leaving him for dead.

Strangely, all he remembers is a hazy face, her hypnotic eyes, and her name—Shreyasi. To come to terms with his memory lapse he starts piecing together stories about himself and Shreyasi from his dreams, which he then turns into a hugely popular blog.

When he’s offered a lucrative publishing deal to convert his blog pieces into a novel, he signs up immediately. However, he gives in to editorial pressure and agrees to corrupt the original edgy character of Shreyasi.

Big mistake.

From then on Daman is stalked and threatened by a terrifying beauty who claims to be Shreyasi and who will stop at nothing to make him pay for being a sell-out. Before Daman fights back, he needs to know: Is she really who she claims to be? What does she want from him now? What if he doesn’t do what she wants him to?

The novel is one of the best thrillers you would read. A romantic named novel, best thriller? Can’t get the meaning? Yes this novel does offer you thriller and suspense blend with love, emotion and betrayal. The way the story travels will keep the readers hooked up till the end. The beauty of the novel is Durjoy makes you hate a character as much as much as you love the character. The emotions of each character will reflect on you. It is one of the unusual love stories one would read. The language used by the author is pretty simple to understand. It’s a quick and lovable read.

The book has many positive aspects but I do feel the story gets predictable in the final few pages. Why can’t a romantic novel go without sexism? There are pages which a teen reader should not read. Apart from these the novel is an excellent work by Durjoy.

Goosebumps review: There are many especially the twists will give you one for sure. The thrilling pages will make you feel it again and again.

GIF reviews:

  • Paperback: 288 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin Random House India (15 October 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0143424629
  • ISBN-13: 978-0143424628


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