Taskara – An Indian economic superhero

Taskara-coverAn Indian economic superb hero in making. Taskara a Telugu movie released in January 2015 has been made into a colorful graphical comic. Hacking, spy, cyber security are no more a Hollywood content. Taskara brings it into Indian film industry and comics. It’s the first time in India a movie has been made into a comic. The story is about Taskara, who breaks into RBI (Republican Bank of India) and involves in cyber crimes. The movie showcases cyber security, hacking, economy and other. It is a first of its kind movie(In India) that was released in Telugu. The movie has got immense response among online surfers.

The creator of Taskra Mr.Kiriti Rambhatla has acted in the lead role. Now he has given life to Taskara in comic format. The comic has been released by fenilcomics and it is available for purchase.

“Series 1 of this graphic novel will have 3 parts consisting of 32 pages each. The future series are under works and cannot be disclosed at the moment” explained Mr. Fenil Sherdiwala the founder of fenil comics.

Mr.Kiriti at the launch of the comics said “The comic industry in India has captured the attention of the youth. I hope that Taskara also evolves to be a Indian superhero, much like Captain America and Batman. Taskara is a new genre. The plot is intelligent and complex. Though the movie was made in Telugu, the content is very international.”

Sudeep Menon has adopted the comic , he is the writer of comic book Doga. Taskara comic has rised expectation among Taskara followers. Hope this will open new gates for Indian movie goers and comic lovers.

Click here to grab a copy of Taskara.


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