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Tamil Padam 2.0 title song is here to entertain

Tamil Padam 2.0 preview: ‘U venum(Certificate), Tax free venum,Mass opening venum.’ ‘Thana serntha kootam ila.. Ellam junior artists’

Tamil Padam 2.0, since the day of the announcement the project has been the talk of movie goers. The first trailer has added fuel to it. Before the hype created by the trailer dies, Tamil Padam 2.0 team has released the opening song of the movie.

Tamil Padam was the turning point in Shiva’s career. The movie has given Shiva the much-needed status in Kollywood. Tamil Padam 2.0 seems to take him even higher. The song that’s titled Naan Yaarumilla has every element to mock the big stars of Kollywood.

Though the music of the song is not that appealing, the lyrics are funny. It has all the elements to keep the meme creators busy until the movie release. It’s better to listen to it than explaining.

The movie is directed by C.S.Amudhan for Y Not Studios. The movie is set to release in July 2018.


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