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Stephenie Meyer’s new novel is The Chemist

   the-chemistThe Twilight fame Stephenie Meyer’s next outing was “The Chemist”. A new thriller novel published on 8th of November. Most of her fans might be disappointed that they were expecting another vampire and werewolf story from their favourite author. On the other hand Stephenie has given them a thriller.

The novel revolves around the protagonist Alex, a brilliant chemist who is trained in torturing the terrorism suspects with her excruciating artisanal chemicals. But the story takes a turn when her boss turns against her. She teams up with a C.I.A agent Kevin. He is also turned down by his boss. They plan for their escape but it does changes its path when Alex falls in love with Kevin’s twin, Daniel. The story moves on to a narrow escapes, gun battles, torture, disguise.

The thriller is worth a read. But her fans can’t take it as they were expecting a sequel for her unfinished “Midnight Sun” (The Twilight novel from Edwards’s perspective). She has stated in her recent interview “When a book comes out, and it’s not ‘Midnight Sun,’ people are unhappy. I’ve always been hard on myself, and now that everyone is reading my stuff, half the people hate it,” she said. “It’s hard when you start doubting yourself, and a few million people are telling you that you’re right, and that you should doubt yourself even more.”

She added that she doesn’t want to stick only to the same genre, as she is bored and she wants to explore different ones. Her previous novel “The Host” was a Sci-Fi were an alien comes to earth and occupy human bodies.

Her fans reacted differently in social Medias. Few fans are happy to read whatever favourite author pen, but few wants Twilight kind of novel. Whatever the reaction is The Chemist is a must read for thriller lovers and Stephenie’s fans. The novel has got positive reviews but, the sale might not reach peaks as her Twilight series. The Twilight series has sold around 155 million copies and the movie series has made around $3 billion worldwide.


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