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Solar Bones wins Goldsmiths prize 2016

solar-bonesA one liner “Solar Bones” authored by Mike McCormack has won this year’s Goldsmiths Prize. One of the prestigious prizes given by University London was established in the year 2013. The purpose of the prize is to award a fiction “that breaks the mould”.

Solar Bones is a novel about a middle aged engineer Marcus Conway who has just escaped death. The best part about the novel is it explores Politics, family, art, marriage, health, civic duty and the environment in just 223 pages.

Professor Blake Morrison the chairman of the jury said “Set over a few hours in a single day, and told in the first-person voice of a middle-aged engineer, Mike McCormack’s Solar Bones transcends these seeming limits magnificently.”

He added “Politics, family, art, marriage, health, civic duty and the environment are just a few of the themes it touches on, in a prose that’s lyrical yet firmly rooted. Its subject may be an ordinary working life but it is itself an extraordinary work.”image

The author Mike McCormack is from Mayo, Ireland. E has also authored Getting it in the Head (1995), Crowe’s Requiem (1998), Notes from a Coma (2005) and Forensic Songs (2012). His book Notes from a Coma was shortlisted for the Irish Book of the Year Award. He was the receiver of awarded the Rooney Prize for Irish Literature in 1996 and in 2007 he was awarded a Civitella Ranieri Fellowship. Solar Bones is his third novel.



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