Say Bye to Goodbye an emotional romance

Say Bye to Goodbye review: Is it possible for people to fall in and out of love?

Plot Summary: Meera and Parth meet at the Institute of Hotel Management. They fall for each other, but a decision by Parth put them apart. Will they untie back? Even if they do will Meera accepts Parth? What happens to their love?

Say bye to goodbye review

Author: Anshu Arora

Published by: Notion Press

Pages: 214 Paperback

Published on: 6th February 2017

Price: Rs. 220 Buy now

Goosebumps review: A good romantic saga with 90s college life as the backdrop. Well crafted character and the emotions of them keeps one hooked. Goosebumps guaranteed.

4 Stars (4 / 5)

Authored by Anshu Arora Say Bye to Goodbye has a style of its own. The plot is fresh and refreshing. Anshu has explored the life inside a college in 90s. No mobile phones, no chats but a lovable atmosphere hook the readers. A memory recall for those who attended college in 90s.

The characterization was great. Meera’s character is the standalone. Through Meera, Anshu has made the readers smile and cry. The beauty of love captures the readers when Meera and Parth go hand in hand. Soon the pain engulfs when Parth part ways. Anshu scores in keeping the readers eager for Parth and Meera’s meeting.

Apart from love Anshu has also explored friendship, college and hostel life. One can relate at least one instant of this novel in with their real life (If you hail from 90s college). Though the story is set in 90s, Anshu made sure that the story impresses the present day youth.

The language is lucid. Anshu hasn’t used any vocabulary stunts instead she kept it simple. On the whole it’s a good romantic saga which nostalgic the 90s college life.

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