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Pimp in the Pulpit, a realistic family drama -Book review

“Not everyone who says they love you genuinely loves you because their actions speak volumes.”

Plot Summary: Lillian McBride has turned 95 and the family is gearing up to celebrate this special occasion. McBride known as Lucifer has four children. A son and three daughters. Each of Lucifer’s children has different opinion about the celebration. How was the celebration? What happened in the celebration? What opinion does the family have on each other was narrated with reality in the 35 pages short story.

Pimp in the Pulpit review

Author: Thomas McRae

Published by: Eber & Wein Publishing

Pages: 35

Price: $8 /- Buy now

Goosebumps review: A short family drama, a good read for short story lovers. Humorous element keeps the readers engaged. Too many characters to follow. A bold and realistic narration about family and family members.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Pimp in the Pulpit review:

Thomas McRae has penned his first short story. Pimp in the Pulpit is a simple story about a dysfunctional family. The story narrates about different characters and their opinions about family.

The 35 pages short story is a bold attempt to show some realistic characters in a family. Each character gives us a different view about family. One can easily relate to few characters with their family.

The humorous element that peppered throughout makes the readers laugh. This also shows how much funny a family get-together can be. Though the story shows mostly selfish characters, the end was a heart-warming one.

The language is lucid. The book is so short and can be completed in an hour or two. Apart from too many characters to follow and too much stuff to swallow (In very few pages), Pimp in the Pulpit is a good read.

Family fun:
  • Humorous element
  • Short story, can be read in an hour or two
  • Realistic narration
Not with the family:
  • Too many characters to follow

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