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FINAL half girlfriendThe recent book of Chetan has made the news on October 1. The pre-order has hit records. It showed the fan base of Chetan. I got the book two days back. The 176 page journey was of mixed emotions. As before I am going to list the important aspects about the book and the negative aspects as well. Going for the book is up to you.

Why one should read this book?

  1. As usual Chetan’s story telling was comfortable and simple from the Indian novel lover point of view.
  2. The story speaks lot of feminism. If you are a feminist you should give a try.
  3. The story speaks about a different side of a girl who works in MNC. This novel is a bit different from Chetan’s previous novels in terms of the lead character.
  4. Even though the novel is about a feminist Chetan didn’t add too much of it (Which might become preaching). This makes the novel a good read.

Why one should avoid it?

  1. The novel speaks about feminism. If you are against it better keep away.
  2. The story might bore you at times. Especially when the job of the lead character is being explained.
  3. If you think a girl should traditional or a girl shouldn’t have affair before marriage strictly keep away.
  4. The story gets predictable when it nears the end. (Seems like reading a Bollywood movie script)
  5. Last but not as expected as from Chetan.

The views are just my opinion about the novel. For suggestions and appreciations [email protected]


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