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The seven ultimate adventrues of Harry Potter
Harry Potter Novels

“Harry Potter” the worldwide phenomenon has come to a close on 21st July 2007(The release date of Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows). Millions missed the brave and lovable hero of Hogwarts. I was one among them. Somehow I consoled myself as the movies were yet to come. But 15th July 2011(The release date of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-2 movie) has put an end to that as well. The 10 years of ride on the broom has ended. It has lead me to a google search to get into the magical world.

This article is for those who miss Harry Potter as me. After few googling I have landed in few fantasy websites on Harry Potter and fan made novels. Here I have listed a few which will be useful for those who still want to ride on the broom.

You can call this website the Harry Potter universe. This website offers you tons and tons of information, enterntainment and products on Harry Potter. You can get latest news about the Harry Potter world, play games, buy products and lot more. Once you step in you will visit every day.

On the other hand is a forum where you can live in your fantasy world. You can enrol in Hogwarts, you can attend classes, have chat in the common room and the great hall, you can play games at the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, work in Ministry of Magic and lot more. This website is the best place to stay in touch with Harry potter fans.



Fan fiction:

Surfing is not your choice? Fine I have a better solution for you. There are lots of fan made Harry Potter novels. Recently I have come across Norman Lippert’s James Potter series. I found it compelling for those who love to relive the Harry Potter fantasy. Though it is not about Harry Potter it is about his dad. But these novels take you back to the wizarding world.

Norman Lippert in his books narrates the story of James Potter and his adventure. His narration is enjoyable as much as J.K.Rowlings. (But can’t match the actual Harry Potter) He has published three books in the series so far. His books can be download from the following link.

James Potter series: Download

Harry potter and the cursed child:

The latest buzz in the Harry Potter community is Harry Potter and the cursed child a play written by Jack Thorne based on J.K.Rowling’s master piece. The book is about to be released on 31st July (On JKR’s and Harry’s Birthday). Pre-order is open in amazon and other shopping carts. I haven’t read it yet. Now rushing to grab a copy. So catch you later.

Hope you liked the article. Leave your suggestions and appreciations, I would love to go through it and improve if needed.




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