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Life lessons from War for the Planet of the Apes

Caeser might be an ape but his leadership quality and care for his people is what we need in leaders.

Planet of the Apes, the trilogy of the decade has come to an epic conclusion. Though the critics are hailing the movie for Andy Serkis’ acting and technical superiority, audience somehow felt the screenplay a bit slow and dragging. Whatever may be the view, War for the Planet of the Apes will go down as one of the best movies that deal with emotions for sure.

The emotionally strong movie offers a lot to learn about relationship and leadership. It might be one of the reasons that the critics are for the movie. Here I am trying to put forth what I have learned from the movie. This may not be the exact message that the movie conveys, but I have listed what I felt while watching the movie.

Lessons from War for the planet of the Apes

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Leadership quality:

A leader is the one who puts his people first and his personal things behind. The same is exploited in the War for the planet of Apes. Caeser goes behind the killer of his family, in the course he leaves his people behind. It leads to the capture of his people by the human beings. Later his people turn their backs against Caeser. This shows how people treat you if you let your people down as a leader.

Later the same gets reversed when Caeser fights for his people. He asks for food and water for his people, in which he almost got killed (Thanks to Nova). The act of pure leadership was portrayed by Matt Reeves which numerous lectures fail to achieve.

In the final scene Caeser shows what a leader should do even his own life is at demise. His life was in verge of an end, but he searches for a best place for his people to live in. He didn’t give up until his duty is done. That’s another quality each leader should posses. If a task is given to the leader for the benefit of his people, he has to accomplish it even if his life is at stake.

Lessons from War for the planet of the Apes


Friendship is another emotion that life the movie. There are many instances that portray friendship what impressed me the most was the Bad Ape helps his friends though he is afraid of the humans, Luca’s sacrifice and Rocket driving the guards’ attention to let Nova feed Caeser.

These scenes might not be new to adults but these scenes are deep enough to plant friendship and its emotion in children’s heart.

Lessons from War for the planet of the Apes

Die as a hero:

How you lived your life doesn’t matter, if one act of sacrifice can change the world. Till the last frame Red or Donkey was shown as a bad ape helping the human beings. A moment arises where Caeser has to do an act to save his people, but was shot by a militant. Red kills the militant to save Caeser. He knows that he will be killed for his action, but Red did what is right. If one right thing can change your character or your destiny towards heroism don’t let it go.

Apart from this War for the Planet has ample of quality stuffs, like Preacher’s act in the climax, Luca’s love towards Nova. I believe such movies are a little rare now a days. If you haven’t watched it yet, watch it with your family for best results (:)).

Thank you for reading this dear friends, if you have your opinions to share do comment it or mail us at [email protected] We would be glad to list your learning from the movie in a highlighted column. Do share your views on the movie.


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