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Kaththi Sandai – Movie review. A masala entertainer

A nothing new, masala entertainer. Mostly predictable story line. What was expected from Vishal was delivered, but is it the only trend to follow?Plot Summary: The deputy commissioner Tamizh selvan (Jagopathi Babu) capture a large sum of money from a criminal (Tarun Arora). The whole media and department was in laurels for Tamizh Selvan. In the meantime his sister Tamanna was consoled and fell in love with Arjun (Vishal). Later Tamizh Selvan’s life was saved by Arjun and he too starts liking him. When things were going fine there comes the twist about Vishal which stuns both Tamizh and his sister. Arjun was on a hunt of a politician (Jaya Prakash) what was the reason? Was Arjun successful in getting the politician?

Director: Suraj

Starring: Vishal, Tamannah, Vadivelu, Soori

Music By: Hip Hop Tamizha

Produced by: S.Nandhagopal

Distributed by: Cameo Films

Goosebumps Review: Might get few in the action sequence and before the interval (But not guaranteed). Mass entertainer with glam and fun. A worthy time pass (underline the word time pass).

2.5 out of 5 stars (2.5 / 5)

The story is tailor made for Vishal and he does it with ease. As usual he shines in action scenes (Expected body fling stuns and glass breaking scenes guaranteed). Suraj has made everything fit into Vishal’s zone.

Tamanna has taken extra effort in planting herself as a glam queen. She has been used mostly in songs and in the first half. Not much for her to score in acting. Jegopathi babu has done his part to the perfection. As a police officer he shows bravery and as a brother he is caring. Soori as Vishal’s friend (Expected one) has been funny at times. Even watching Soori is enough to bring smiles among the fans. But the much expected Vadivelu’s comeback was a let-down. His presence didn’t add much to the comedy track (Geeting kicked is not the only thing we expect form comedians). The antagonist (Tarun) was not used well or in a single word average.

It has become a trend to set a twist before the interval and this movie does have two which is a cool addition. In the second half the movie becomes predictable (Even few might feel this in the first half as well). Music by Hip Hop Tamizha was ok. Suraj has delivered what was expected from him. The flashback with a message was a good one but not emotional. On the whole a complete mass entertainer meant to enjoy the time.

Disclaimer: The review is my personal opinion. It isn’t meant to hurt anyone.

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