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Infin-Eight, a realistic approach towards success- Book review

Infin-Eight book review: “If we always do what we always did, we will always get what we always got”

About the book: Infin-Eight is a book on eight principals for professional success. The book details how one can achieve success in their profession through 8 practical methods. The book is written by Prajeet Budhale. It is a 221 pages of workshop in hands.

Infin-eight review

Author: Prajeet Budhale

Published by: Fingerprint

Pages: 221 (Paperback)

Price: Rs. 175/- Buy now

Goosebumps review: A must read self-help book lovers and professionals. The realistic approach towards success might impress the readers. The analogies are cherry on the cake.

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)



Infin-Eight book review:

A workshop in hands, yes you read it right. Infin-Eight is a workshop in hands. A new approach towards success. Prajeet Budhale has done an exceptional work in penning this workbook. Infin-Eight Is for those who wants to achieve success in their profession, but unsure of how to reach their.

Prajeet has given practical methods to analyse one self and setting goals based on that. There are different tasks one should do to complete the book. Each task concentrates on steps towards success.

I personally liked the goal setting and self-analysis parts. The goal setting part is something different from other approaches. Infin-Eight shows some practical ways to set the goals. I loved the analogies the author has used throughout the book like searching the earring under the well-lit place rather than searching in the actual place. Each analogy makes us realise something we don’t in real life.

The book is short and simple to read. The author has used simple vocabulary to enrich the reading experience. I suggest that one should read each chapter after completing the tasks given in the previous ones. This will help one to initiate their professional success, even before completing the book.

If you don’t mind reading the book that doesn’t tell stories, but helps us achieve something. This book is for you. A must read for professionals and self-help book lovers.


  • Realistic approach towards success
  • Tasks in each chapter
  • Simple vocabulary and language
  • Analogies

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